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Cuddalore (Pop. 2.6m+) is a flood and cyclone prone district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is reportedly one of the country’s 250 most backward districts with a per capita income of around USD 400.

In 2017, whilst looking for a solution to help the poor develop a sustainable income stream to feed themselves, a team from the Micro-Credit Fund in Israel (MCFII), came up with the innovative idea of a chicken loan.

By early 2019, after successfully seeding 120 family farms, and benefiting from the return of 5 chicks from each family farm, 12 Chicken Farm@Cuddalore had enough chicks and chickens to independently continue the work of helping other poor families in the area.

The onsite Co-ordinator is continuing the work by identifying and training other suitable Co-ordinators to expand the project into villages further afield.

12 Chicken Farm@Cuddalore no longer requires any further assistance with chicken loan injections.

The chickens helped a lot. My family income has been raised because of it. Selling the eggs and chickens put food on the table and my children can continue their education. My life is very different after getting the chickens. The chickens have become family members. They live with us, inside our house with us. We love them. My children play with them and feed them. I want to grow these chicken to many many. It will help my children and family get all the things we need. This is my dream and vision.

Her name means Sacred and Beautiful
Her name means Responsible, Reserved and Dignified

My husband is a drunkard. I have no income to survive and no hope. My life was very terrible. Then they gave me the chickens. I see them as a special gift. My husband started to change by seeing these chickens. He started to feed them and began to take responsibility to take care of them. I feel much better and at peace. Our income also increased because we have eggs and chickens to sell at the market. The chicken made my life meaningful. I see the chickens as a gift. They are like angels bringing change and peace to our family I have lot of debt in my life. My dream is to multiply these chickens and to prosper, to sell the eggs and chicks to pay off my debt.

I am widow. My children are all grown up and married. We are all separated and I am alone. It was very hard to get money and I often did not have enough money for very basic needs. After I got the chickens, I started to get money from the eggs and chickens. My life has been changed. I now can earn money to feed myself. Whenever I see the chickens, I feel like someone is with me. I have been alone for a long time and these chickens make my home come alive. I want to multiply these chickens so I can bless my grandchildren. I want to grow the chickens to many many.

Her name means Queen or Princess
She's named after the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Arts, Wisdom and Nature

I am a widow. I used to sell batter to get income for my life but it's insufficient. These chickens are as my extra blessing because with these I now have enough. My life has been changed because of the chickens. Before the chickens, after my work making and selling batter, I used to spend my time chit-chatting, gossipping and talking about others in the village. Now I am busy looking after the chickens and looking forward to prosper my business to get profit. Chickens are not commonly available in my village. I felt blessed whenever I see my chickens. I want to grow more and more chickens. I dream of paying off my debt. I want to get rid of all the debt.

"The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green."

Thomas Carlyle


Project Co-ordinators

I love it! This 12 Chicken Project allows me and my husband to go door to door to make friends and serve people with love. Many are very eager to receive us and have taken the chickens to their homes. We now have a salary to feed our family and we also have 100 chickens supporting our work to bless people. I see the chickens as a blessing and I love them as my own family members. They are a joy to our family. My children love to play and feed the chickens. They treat them as siblings. I dream that this 12 chicken farm will bless the lives of many people and totally change their living standard. My vision is that these chickens will unlock blessing and break the curse of poverty over lives. I dream of giving employment to many poor people in our chicken farm and my own family being blessed with a monthly income that is enough for everyone.

Project Co-ordtors

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